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At We Beleive That No Forex Robot Will Ever Replace A Human Brain. So We Have An Amazing Hybrid Solution For Your Tradings. An Expert Signal Provider Developed By A 10 Years Real Forex Trader And Computer Engineer. is a group of Real Forex Traders (not flashy web site builders) that have developped an amazing Forex trading alert system that really works. It is presented to you as an Expert Advisor for Meta Trader. We have tried Forex Robots of all kinds since they exist, and we know pretty well that they can behave correctly in precise situation they have been designed for... in other situations, they are pretty good at wiping down your account. Forex Robot does not adapt to suddent changes and market volatility.

Forex Signal Expert Advisor, Meta Trader

We At Are Professional Forex Traders Trading Forex For Our Own Profits.

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. The exchange of foreign currencies. Using Forex trading, means you buy and sell many countries currencies. The idea is of course to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest possible. It usually is a tremendous task to predict market direction. At we are Real Forex Traders, and our trades are being right 91% of the time. That is more than enough to take our proposal very seriously. We do not want to send you signals by emails or thru a delayed web site, but in real time right in your charts. You get Expert Advices with audible alerts, and on screen explanations of the situation. You then can decide if you take the trade of not. The ForexCue Expert Adivsor for Meta Trader works on any charts and analyses them at speed of light and checks for all possible entry points. When found, and audible alert will tell you which action to take on which pair. An alert window opens at the same time to let you see the alert message. Right on the chart, you will find different messages according to the situation, the strength of the potential trade, the proximity of support and resistance, the coming of reversal BEFORE it occurs, and so much more. ForexCue Expert Advisor also checks for trends, Noble entries, head and shoulders patterns, dodji peaks and 14 others patterns using lots of internal indicators and private strategies. The EA fits any amounts of any pairs at the same time, as much as your computer can take. We have tried 56 pairs at once including some stock charts. It also comes with a very informative template showing trends on many time frames, daily ranges up to 30 days, and a lot more.


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